Under the agreement, Vanguard will implement the enterprise mobility platform including AirStrip’s OB, Patient Monitoring and Cardiology solutions to support its strategic initiatives of delivering patient data to caregivers anytime, anywhere.

AirStrip chief strategy officer and executive vice president Bruce Brandes said Vanguard has been a long-term partner for perinatal safety in the San Antonio, US market.

"We are very pleased to significantly expand on that collaboration to leverage mobility as an enterprise-wide asset in support of Vanguard’s strategic initiatives," Brandes added.

Vanguard strategy executive vice president and chief transformation officer Brad Perkins said the deployment of AirStrip’s mobile technology will enhance and mobilize the company’s existing monitoring systems and various EHR platforms.

"In particular, the AirStrip platform will support Vanguard’s efforts to streamline and optimize workflow, consistently advance best practices and ultimately achieve measurable outcomes improvement," Perkins added.