Blue Belt Technologies announced that 500th Navio assisted partial knee replacement surgery has been performed at Valley Baptist Medical Center in Brownsville, Texas, US.


Dr. Jose Bossolo has carried out the surgery with Navio Surgical System, which is the next generation of robotics-assisted technology for partial knee replacement surgery.

In October 2013, Valley Baptist has started offering Navio assisted surgery to their patients.

Dr. Bossolo said that the Navio technology allows in delivering very consistent and precise results, as well as helps in executing a customized surgical plan for each patient.

"At the Valley Baptist Medical Center, we specialize in using advanced technology to offer a unique array of procedures," Bossolo added.

Featuring Blue Belt’s STRIDE unicondylar knee, the Navio system is an open architecture solution that allows surgeons to use an array of different implant systems.

Around 350 STRIDE devices have been implanted using Navio surgical technology, after launching the STRIDE knee system in October, 2013.

Blue Belt has supplied 25 Navio systems throughout the US and Europe.

Blue Belt Technologies president and CEO Eric Timko said the company has achieved another important milestone in a very short time.

"We’ve established strong momentum because of the power and flexibility of our technology platform and are very encouraged by the engagement of our customers like Dr. Bossolo and Valley Baptist Medical Center," Timko added.

Image: The Navio robotic-controlled handpiece assists the surgeon in precision bone preparation. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.