Valeritas announced additional positive data from the VERDICT study was presented at the American Diabetes Association's 79th Scientific Sessions held in San Francisco, California.

This data demonstrated that patients with type 2 diabetes who switched insulin therapy to V-Go from a basal insulin regimen significantly lowered their average blood sugar levels (A1c) without increasing their total daily dose (TDD) of insulin.

“Insulin therapy is often intensified utilizing a stepwise approach of adding one injection at a time due to the increased burden and complexity associated with basal-bolus therapy,” said Trisha Zeidan, MD, Principal Investigator of the VERDICT Study and affiliated with Premier Physician Network, Bull Family Diabetes Center. “Although this stepwise approach is well accepted, research demonstrates in one year, the majority of patients will require full basal-bolus therapy to manage their diabetes.  In our experience, V-Go offers a straightforward way to intensify directly from basal to basal-bolus therapy and has been well accepted by patients and proven effective, which is conducive to patient self-management.”

“V-Go allows patients requiring basal-bolus therapy to get the insulin they need when they need it without the burden of multiple daily injections,” said John Timberlake, President and Chief Executive Officer of Valeritas. “We strongly believe that V-Go can ease the transition to basal-bolus therapy and are pleased with the results of this study.”

This retrospective analysis of 73 patients with type 2 diabetes evaluated the effect V-Go had on patients’ A1c, TDD, concomitant non-insulin diabetes medications, and patient-reported hypoglycemia. Patients using V-Go had an average reduction in A1c levels of -1.3 (p<0.0001) with 16% fewer prescribed concomitant medications. Reported hypoglycemia decreased from 23% to 19% of patients, and patients reporting severe hypoglycemia reduced from 10% to 3%.

Source: Company Press Release