The Valeet Healthcare engagement platform uses technology as the bridge to disseminate and communicate information among patients, providers and health systems enabling collaboration and fostering better and safer care.

"The Valeet Healthcare engagement platform is a modern, cutting edge technology that utilizes smart design, technology, clinical research and creativity to envision a new way for patients and providers to interact with each other," said Sima Pendharker, CEO and Founder of Valeet Healthcare. 

"Our platform has been designed by an exceptional team of patients, designers, developers, physicians and more with one goal in mind. 

“That goal is to transform health communications to the next level where patients are fully engaged in their care, providers can work smarter, and healthcare systems can put a priority on delivering excellent, efficient and cost effective care.  Our team can't wait for the future of health communications where patients, providers and healthcare systems are truly partners in care."

Designed to meet the needs of value-based care by improving patient care through patient engagement and provider collaboration and decreasing costs with actionable data for healthcare systems, the Valeet Healthcare engagement platform:

Engages patients in their care with personalized health information

Assists providers in their workflow with a real-time documentation system that can be used as a rounding tool

Provides healthcare systems with analytical dashboard tools to enable them to excel in quality metrics

Valeet Healthcare is a start-up company focused on the development of digital health technology that solves the challenges of healthcare communications. 

With a commitment to re-imagining healthcare, making it navigable, collaborative, and transparent for all, the company mission is to provide patients, providers and healthcare systems with the tools to become true partners in health.