UV Flu Technologies has received favorable preliminary test results from an independent, FDA and EPA certified test facility that demonstrated the ViraTech UV-400 air purifier to be effective in the inactivation of a typical virus surrogate utilised as part of the test protocol.

ViraTech UV-400 utilises high-intensity germicidal ultraviolet radiation (UV-C) inside a killing chamber that goes beyond filtration to destroy harmful airborne bacteria at rates exceeding 99.2% on a first-pass basis.

The FDA has issued a coveted Class II medical listing that enables UV Flu Technologies to market the product as a medical device.

UV Flu Technologies president Jack Lennon said that these results, although preliminary, are highly encouraging and the viral phage was tested multiple times, with the UV-400 running at three different speeds; low, medium and high, over a four hour period in a 430 cubic foot test chamber.

“After three hours, the chamber showed a sample inactivation rate of at least 99% over all three speeds, which was shown to be even higher at the four hour mark. We must emphasize that these results, although very positive, are only preliminary, but appear comparable to our previous results during the laboratory testing of the inactivation of bacteria,” Lennon said.