Semper Fi has advised that they are actively adding representatives to cover sales leads encompassing the Tri-State area and so in response, UV Flu has ensured that an ample quantity of units to satisfy initial sales needs have been priority diverted for immediate shipment to the client.

UV Fu Technologies president Jack Lennon said that this order is significant because their product was principally designed for the commercial marketplace and thei UV-400 has been laboratory tested and proven to offer highly effective airborne bacteria-killing capabilities that will provide Semper Fi with a product truly superior to anything else currently in the marketplace.

“We want to also note that in the residential market we have received feedback from the field where certain individuals have reported a dramatic difference in their respiratory issues in as little as 2-3 hours from starting their UV-400 at home,” Lennon said.

UV Flu Technologies is a developer, manufacturer and distributor of bio technology products initially targeting the Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) industry sector.