Part of the Thermo Scientific Sensititre ID/AST System, the Sensititre Staphylococcus plate is an IVD-labeled, microbroth dilution susceptibility plate that can be read manually through use of a mirrored viewer or the Sensititre Vizion Digital MIC Viewing System.

The plate can also be read automatically using the bench-top Sensititre OptiRead Automated Fluorometric Plate Reading System or the fully automated Sensititre ARIS 2X System.

Recognized for having one of the largest, most up-to-date selections of antimicrobials for susceptibility testing, the Sensititre System includes a wide range of standard plates, as well as the ability to create custom plates tailored to a laboratory’s formulary, dilutions and patient population, eliminating offline tests and reducing costs.

According to Paul James, vice president of sales and marketing, Thermo Fisher Scientific microbiology, “Performing AST that is consistent with EUCAST recommendations is a high priority for many microbiology laboratories throughout Europe.

With this new Sensititre plate, they can easily and confidently test Staphylococcus utilizing the EUCAST-recommended breakpoints they trust.”

The Sensititre System utilizes true MIC results, which are essential to fighting antimicrobial resistance, providing greater sensitivity for better resistance tracking. True MIC results are also the preferred measure of antibacterial effect, which can assist with therapeutic choices, and promote overall better patient care.

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