To support ultrasound breast cancer screening study

U-Systems has upgraded its somo•v Automated Breast Ultrasound System (ABUS). The announcement was made at the 95th Annual Meeting of the Radiology Society of North America.

The upgraded system incorporates a series of image quality and analysis enhancements designed to better visualise and differentiate complex breast tissue and enable fast and accurate image review.

Reportedly, these enhancements were designed and developed to provide the foundation functionality for U-Systems’ prospective Somo•Insight study, a nationwide multi-center clinical study designed to evaluate whether digital mammography in combination with the somo•v ABUS is more sensitive to detecting breast lesions when compared to digital mammography alone in women with dense breasts.

The company said that ABUS uses ultrasound at a safe frequency to create images of the breast tissue, unlike mammography, which uses radiation. Ultrasound has been shown to find cancer not visible with mammography in women who have dense breasts.

Rachel Brem, principal investigator for the Somo•Insight clinical study at the George Washington University Medical Center, said: “Somo•Insight is a pivotal study, designed to evaluate the sensitivity of mammography and somo•v ABUS together, as compared to mammography alone in women with dense breasts.

“We are excited to participate in this important study evaluating potential new approaches to the early detection of breast cancer. This scientifically rigorous study will evaluate over 20,000 women to determine the incremental increase in cancer detection with automated whole breast ultrasound in women with dense breasts.”

Ronald Ho, president and CEO of U-Systems, said: “To date, the Somo•Insight study has resulted in the detection of cancers previously undetected by mammography. The data analysis from the Somo•Insight study may provide the scientific foundation for the establishment of the standard for ultrasound breast cancer screening.”