U-Systems and Rachel F. Brem, MD, professor of Radiology, Director, Breast Imaging and Interventional Center, The George Washington University Medical Faculty Associates, announced that they have launched the SOMO•INSIGHT Clinical Study and the first participants have been enrolled. The clinical study is investigating whether Full Field Digital Mammography along with the somo•v Automated Breast Ultrasound (ABUS) can improve breast cancer detection when compared to Mammography alone in women with dense breasts. Screening mammography can be limited in women with dense breasts and these women have a higher risk of breast cancer. A novel approach to improving breast cancer detection is critical for women who undergo mammography with some breast density, for this reason that the company has developed the somo•v and is sponsoring the clinical study. The commencement of this study which is planned to recruit over 20,000 women is an extremely important and exciting milestone in evaluating new approaches to improved cancer detection.