The United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has issued Kane Biotech Patent No. 7,833,523 entitled 'Compositions and methods for enzymatic detachment of bacterial and fungal biofilms,' for DispersinB wound care technology.

This is the fifth patent to be issued protecting Kane Biotech’s DispersinB technology.

The other four patents include those already issued in the US (7,294,497) Australia (2003284385) and New Zealand (555378 and 540731).

Kane Biotech president and CEO Gord Froehlich said that it would be difficult to overstate the importance of the issuance of this fifth DispersinB patent, as it extends the intellectual property protection of their lead wound care technology.

“The issuance of this patent in the US is very timely, as we move closer to submitting the topical wound care product regulatory package to the FDA,” Froehlich said

Kane Biotech is a biotechnology company engaged in the development and commercialisation of products that prevent and remove microbial biofilms.