Quick-Med Technologies has received a notice of allowance (NOA) from the USPTO for a key patent related to the company's proprietary Nimbus antimicrobial technology.

Quick-Med said that the forthcoming patent protects a process of post-polymerization bonding and is the fourth such recognition of propriety ownership secured by the company for Nimbus.

The latest NOA for Nimbus protects the process used to bind a highly effective microbicidal property to specific substrates, as well as a very broad selection of substrate types and product applications.

According to Quick-Med, the allowed claims of the application cover two polyelectrolyte antimicrobials: polydimethyl ammonium chloride and polyvinyl benzyl trimethyl ammonium chloride. The claims grant protection to the antimicrobial agent cleared by the FDA under de novo evaluation, also distinguishing the novelty of the technology.

The claims also include a full spectrum of products such as medical devices, wound dressings, burn dressings, blood transfer products, surgical apparel, military protective wear, and hygienic products such as wipes, diapers and feminine care.

Ladd Greeno, CEO of Quick-Med, said: “Our latest NOA further safeguards the method of use and competitive position surrounding our proprietary Nimbus technology. We developed Nimbus as a breakthrough alternative to today’s leaching antimicrobials, which are associated with adverse effects.

“We are confident that Nimbus has the potential to provide cost-savings, increased safety, superior performance and improvement in wound care outcomes that will benefit patients and medical professionals in a variety of healthcare and consumer settings.”