Magnetecs’ CGCI system focuses and concentrates electromagnetic energy into a compact, powerful and easy-to-control sphere, akin to how lasers focus light into a precisely directed beam.

The three patents issued to Magnetecs cover The System and Method for Radar-Assisted Catheter Guidance and Control (USPTO Patent No. 7,873,402 B2); System and Method for a Magnetic Catheter Tip (USPTO Patent No. 7,873,401 B2 ); and Apparatus for Magnetically Deployable Catheter with Mosfet Sensor and Method for Mapping and Ablation (USPTO Patent No. 7,869,854 B2).

In addition, Magnetecs filed eight patent applications in the fourth quarter of 2010, which supplement the company’s extensive portfolio of intellectual property.

Magnetecs has 52 currently active patents and applications, including 17 patents issued in the US, UK, Italy, France, Germany, Hong Kong, Japan, and China.

Magnetecs CEO and chief technology officer Josh Shachar said Magnetecs has allocated significant resources to the growth and protection of the Company’s intellectual property portfolio.

"We have built a powerful and highly defensible patent portfolio in the field of magnetic and robotic guidance and control, and we intend to continue to enhance the substantial value of the Company’s intellectual property," Shachar said.