The goal of the collaboration is to improve safety through reduction in the number of strokes and post-procedure brain lesions.

SMT has spent five years developing and refining a deflection device specifically designed to reduce the chance of stroke and embolic events during TAVI and other structural heart procedures.

The SMT deflector device is an investigational device and is not available for commercial use in the US, EU or other markets of the world.

OrbiMed principal and new SMT board member David Bonita said to their knowledge, this is the only device in development designed to protect the entire neurovascular system by covering all three major arteries feeding the brain – the innominate, the left common carotid and the left subclavian.

"SMT is also the only system designed for placement via one of two femoral artery access ports typically used in TAVI – unlike other approaches which require a third puncture located in the arm," Bonita said.