US Spine announced the nationwide commercial launch of the Preference 2 Complex Spine System. The product has been in use at select sites throughout the spring and summer, with positive clinical feedback and results.

The new system, which ushers the company into the complex spine market is a hook, rod and pedicle screw system with several implant options allowing multiple correction techniques and comprehensive instrumentation designed specifically to treat complex spinal pathologies. The system provides spine surgeons with a specialized solution to correct complex spinal pathologies such as scoliosis, kyphosis, trauma and tumors.

Advanced correction instrumentation, cobalt chrome rods, lateral offset connectors, hooks, rod-to-rod connectors and a low-profile cross connector are among the many components that make up the system. All anchoring implants within the system feature the Helical Flange Closure mechanism, which eliminates head splay and drastically reduces cross threading.

Spine surgeons with backgrounds in both pediatric and adult deformity developed the system with the goal of providing a low-profile, flexible and powerful offering that gives surgeons a no-compromise solution to treat complex spinal disorders.

US Spine’s Executive Vice President Paul Sendro said: “The Preference 2 instrumentation has been designed with a full emphasis on complex spinal pathology. With specialized instrumentation, surgeons using the system are able to achieve greater precision and control.”