handled oximeter

The portable handheld pulse oximetry system with alarms measures a patient’s arterial oxygen saturation (SpO2) level and pulse rate.

Nonin’s PalmSAT Model 2500A can be used for spot checking or continuous monitoring. Pulse oximetry measurements can provide clinicians an early warning of hypoxemia.

Nonin Medical vice president sales Rick Eagle said the company is that its American-made PalmSAT Model 2500A will be used in caring for the men and women who served our country.

"Clinicians want to catch oxygen desaturations as early as possible in this patient population, and they don’t want false readings or false alarms," Eagle added.

"Nonin’s PalmSAT Model 2500A uses pulse-by-pulse filtering to provide precise SpO2 measurements — even in the presence of poor perfusion, patient movement, dark skin tone, and other conditions that can affect accurate pulse oximetry readings."

Jordan Reses Supply Company president Steve Baugh said the VA conducted a rigorous evaluation process to determine which pulse oximeter would best meet its needs.

"Jordan Reses has a long history of providing the VA with industry-leading medical technology from companies like Nonin Medical," Baugh added.

"By working closely with Nonin, we were able to demonstrate that the clinical accuracy and reliability of the PalmSAT Model 2500A, along with the service and support provided by Jordan Reses, was the best choice to meet the VA’s high standards."

Image: Nonin’s PalmSAT Model 2500A handheld pulse oximeter. Photo: courtesy of Nonin Medical, Inc. / PRNewswire