Hansen Medical and Siemens Healthcare have signed joint development and cooperation agreements to co-develop integrated products designed to help simplify complex cardiac procedures for the diagnosis and treatment of cardiac arrhythmias, or irregular heartbeats.

The agreements will enable the creation of integrated product solutions by combining Siemens’ Artis zee family of angiography systems and the syngo DynaCT Cardiac (angiographic computed tomography) with Hansen Medical’s Sensei X Robotic Catheter System. The integrated products will be designed to enable electrophysiologists to perform complex cardiac procedures with greater confidence and improved efficiency.

Hansen Medical said that its Sensei X platform is built upon an open architecture design and Hansen Medical’s commitment to open architecture allows for successful collaboration with a broad range of leading imaging companies.

The Sensei X system is the flexible robotic platform that integrates advanced levels of 3D catheter control with 3D visualization. The technology is designed to provide fine catheter control while mapping in 3D to enhance the physician’s ability to access hard-to-reach cardiac anatomy and maintain stability during complex cardiac arrhythmia procedures.

Siemens said that its Artis zee systems including Artis zeego, the multi-axis system based on robotic technology, are ideal for cardiac diagnostics and interventions, even hybrid procedures. The flexible and ergonomic design enables clinicians to optimally adapt the system configuration to focus on interventional cardiology, pediatric and electrophysiology applications with tableside operation.

In addition, the syngo DynaCT Cardiac enables CT-like imaging of the heart with an angiocardiographic system during cardiac procedures, so that physicians can visualize the left atrium and pulmonary veins in 3D.

Frederic Moll, CEO of Hansen Medical, said: “Hansen Medical is committed to improve the clinical experience of electrophysiologists worldwide, and we are extremely pleased to be collaborating with Siemens Healthcare to develop integrated products that offer comprehensive solutions.

“The joint agreements will allow both companies to offer enhanced procedural planning and workflow, as well as improved capabilities to customers. The design of our integrated solution will improve visualization and instinctive driving within 3D anatomical models, resulting in improved catheter navigation and contact while inside a patient’s heart.”

Heinrich Kolem, CEO of Angio, Fluoroscopic and Radiographic Systems for Siemens, said: “For Siemens Healthcare, the joint development and cooperation agreement with Hansen Medical is another important step towards integrated solutions advancing the quality of care for an increased number of patients. We believe the combination of our efforts will enable us to offer our customers significant improvements in workflow during the treatment of cardiac arrhythmias.”