Members of the US Special Forces, specifically the Navy SEALs, have shown positive early results after a two-month, ongoing trial of a chronic pain management device.

The devices in the trial, called Oska Pulse, utilizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field technology as a drug-free complement to physical therapy to help reduce pain and inflammation as a result of injuries in affected military personnel.

The device's developers, Oska, Inc., DBA Oska Wellness, a San Diego-based consumer health and wellness products company, recently met with senior military personnel and therapists at a local military base to discuss performance results to date.

"Oska Pulse trials have focused on new recruits and is proving effective in keeping users on schedule during rigorous physical activities and demanding schedules," said Greg Houlgate, CEO of Oska Wellness.

"Initial feedback from these military personnel, many of whom experience pain such as ankle, back, shoulder, neck and other muscular strains and sprains, have reported positive results from using Oska Pulse in relation to faster pain reduction when used in conjunction with traditional physical therapy."

Oska Pulse's proprietary eTec technology optimizes PEMF via its portable, drug-free, hands-free device. Decades of research have shown that PEMF signals pass through bone and other tissue to aid the body in delivering more nutrients and oxygen to tissues while also removing waste products.

Its "Sequential Protocol Programming" delivers four frequencies specifically related to muscle relaxation, bone repair, capillary dilation and pain reduction.

By helping to release the body's natural endorphins, Oska Pulse helps reduce pain, promoting increased range of motion. By dilating blood vessels, it reduces inflammation. The increased oxygen rich blood flow promotes muscle recovery.

"Other benefits such as improvements in sleep and reductions in phantom pain have been reported," said Oska Wellness COO/CFO Steve Collins.

"From a welfare perspective, these are potentially life-changing outcomes and could have major implications for personnel experiencing PTSD-related conditions. We have provided independent, third-party research material to expand the study."

According to the study's liaison, a former high-ranking military officer who remains on active-reserve duty, Oska Pulse shows real promise.

"After personally witnessing the effects of Oska Pulse in the civilian population, specifically its capacity to reduce swelling in as little as 30 minutes, I view this as a 'must-have' for the U.S. Special Forces. I hope to continue to explore and expand how it may benefit our military in a variety of ways," he said.

Oska Wellness, Inc. is committed to developing health and wellness technology-driven products that assist individuals in living a more active, pain-free lifestyle. Oska believes that people suffering from pain deserve relief without the side effects of medication.

The revolutionary Oska Pulse utilizes patented eTec Pulse Technology that specifically optimizes Pulsed Electromagnetic Field (PEMF) therapeutic technology, similar to the PEMF therapies used in many clinical applications for accelerating the body's ability to heal itself.