McCord Research was recently granted a US patent (US Patent No. 8,765,794) for a process to treat skin wounds characterized by the partial or full thickness loss of skin.

The patent includes protection and treatment of the wound’s surrounding area characterized by skin that is at risk of further breakdown, according to Dr. McCord, the inventor.

When skin is injured or showing signs of inflammation, it is allowing the escape of vital moisture resulting in a cascade of events that leads to further injury. A critical function for any wound care product, is the inhibition of this excessive transepidermal water loss (e-TEWL). "We are pleased that the patent examiner found that we had proven that our technology effectively inhibited e-TEWL, and granted us additional patent protection in this critical area," stated Dr. McCord.

McCord Research is seeking worldwide patent protection for its wound care technology and looks forward to healing wounds on a global basis. The technology is currently being licensed under the Olivamine 10® brand name in the United States and Asia for the treatment of wounds in humans and animals.