US-based E-Vision Smart Optics has unveiled plans to develop fully tunable electronic contact lens (ECL) for the wearers.

The firm is developing the new lens to enable the wearer to continuously adjust far, near and middle-vision, accommodating the individual’s own needs.

According to the firm, the proprietary lens-based technology is already fabricated for electronic focusing eyeglasses and ophthalmic diagnostic equipment.

It is also used in the development of augmented-reality head mounted displays for the US military.

Recently, E-vision completed a round of financing with its existing shareholder base to fund the development program.

The firm also received a grant from NASA’s National Space Biomedical Research Institute (NSBRI) to support the development of electronic eyeglasses to address the deterioration of vision that astronauts experience during space travel.

E-Vision said that it holds around 550 patents issued or pending across the globe to protect its intellectual property.

E-Vision president and CEO Joel Zychick said: "E-Vision is the leading developer of electrically-modulated lenses and the fully tunable electronic contact lens is the exciting next phase in our development.

"This will be the only flexible contact lens giving the end-user the ability to choose from a variety of prescription settings and to dynamically change focus while correcting for a variety of visual impairments, including myopia, hyperopia and higher order aberrations."