University of Glasgow has included the installation of diagnostic imaging equipment from Siemens Healthcare for a £15m pound development. A Magnetom Essenza MRI, a Somatom Spirit CT and Multix TOP analogue X-ray are in place to assist the examination of animals and to diagnose conditions quickly and accurately.

The hospital claims that a further order for an Oncor Impression linear accelerator has been placed to enable the hospital to provide cost effective and flexible radiotherapy for its animal patients.

The Essenza 1.5T MRI scanner replaces a visiting mobile MRI to provide onsite imaging. The Essenza is able to give a high level of diagnostic information in just one examination. With rapid and high quality imaging, animal patients spend less time under anaesthetic and the time taken to begin treatment can be reduced.

The installation of the Somatom Spirit CT scanner allows the hospital to look beyond bone structure and into soft tissue and organ imaging. The speed and versatility of the Spirit are ideal for veterinary CT. Alongside the Spirit, the hospital has also benefited from the installation of a Multix TOP analogue X-ray system providing the hospital with a simple and efficient imaging tool.

Calum Paterson, manager at Glasgow Small Animal Hospital, said: “By advancing our scanning facilities we are able to increase the services we offer and provide rapid, high-resolution images for our patients. The Siemens scanners are highly suitable in terms of their size and design to be able to accommodate all the small animal patients we see.”

James Weir, regional sales manager at Siemens Healthcare, said: “Siemens technology is designed to speed up diagnosis by providing faster examination times and high quality imaging. These key functions provide excellent quality of care to any patient, be it human or animal. The installations are transforming veterinary care by providing enhanced diagnosis and improving treatment pathways for domestic pets.”