UOC USA president Calvin Lin said United Orthopedic Corporation is the first Asian orthopedic company to receive FDA approval for joint reconstruction.

"For the past 20 years, we’ve been recognized for our innovative products and we are excited to bring our high-performing line of hip and knee replacement systems to American orthopedic surgeons," Lin added.

UOC is a Taiwanese company launched in 1993, which has been supplying and supporting orthopedic practitioners and institutions around the world with arthroplasty implant and instrument designs created by its vertically integrated, in-house manufacturing team.

Bone and Joint Center in Arroyo Grande, California orthopedic surgeon and medical director Dr Thomas Ferro said he has used the U2 Knee system from UOC and believe the design and quality of UOC’s products can help to improve the lives of arthroplasty patients all around the world.

"In addition to quality joint replacement systems with great range of motion, UOC also offers surgeon-friendly instrument design which saves time on the operating table," Lin added.

"Because our manufacturing process is vertically integrated, we are able to oversee every aspect of our products’ manufacturing – from the initial design to packaging the finished product. This integration allows us to offer outstanding quality and provide incredibly responsive service."

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention in the US annually 332,000 hip and 719,000 knee replacements are performed in order to increase mobility, improve the function of the joint, and relieve pain.