The new advanced and scalable ultrasound platform includes FDA-approved Aplio i700 and Aplio i800 systems, which are suitable for shared service departments.

Aplio platform features iPerformance technologies that deliver enhanced processing power, enabling healthcare providers to capture more information.

The platform also includes iBeam technology that helps to increase penetration, spatial resolution and contrast resolution, in addition to reducing artifacts and clutter.

Aplio i800 provides advanced clinical applications, including an ultra-high frequency transducer. It enables clinicians to image superficial structures, and expand the use of diagnostic ultrasound.

Aplio i-series is said to provide intuitive ergonomics with iSense to enhance productivity during daily routine and complex exams with iSense.

The system’s image-guided user interface visually guides the clinician through the exam to simplify system operation and improve efficiency.

In addition, the platform features touch control screen and real-time quick scan that allows in automatic image adjustments without pushing a button.

Toshiba America Medical Systems marketing and strategic development vice president Satrajit Misra said: “The Aplio i-series raises the bar in ultrasound. The systems combine leading edge image quality with advanced clinical applications, giving our customers a clinical and cost-effective solution for today’s healthcare challenges.

“The systems also feature entirely redesigned controls and ergonomic features that make work flow, help reduce user strain and improve patient throughput.”

The company is showcasing the new platform at the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago. The event is being held from 27 November to 2 December.