Unilife, a US-based medical device company focused on the design, development, manufacture and supply of a proprietary range of retractable syringes, has commenced the sales of Unitract range of 1ml safety syringes in the US.

Unilife and Independent Medical (IMCO) have entered into a preferred, non-exclusive marketing program for the sale of Unitract 1ml syringes to US healthcare facilities.

Unilife considers IMCO to be an ideal partner to support the initial launch of Unitract range of 1ml syringes in the US.

Unilife is now processing for shipment a number of initial purchase orders it has received from IMCO member distributors.

Unilife CEO Alan Shortall said that the company was delighted to announce the commencement of US sales and shipments for its Unitract range of 1ml syringes.

The company claims that the Unitract range of 1ml syringes allows operators to control the speed of automatic needle retraction directly from the patient’s body into the barrel of the syringe where it is locked in place.

“IMCO is ideally positioned to act as a preferred partner to support our initial launch activities, given their focus and market reach within those healthcare sectors where the use of 1ml safety syringes is greatest,” Shortall said.

“We look forward to working with IMCO and their members to successfully introduce our Unitract 1ml syringes to healthcare facilities across the US.”

IMCO CEO Bill McLaughlin said that Unilife’s line of retractable syringes is outstanding in every way and will clearly become an important factor in the market, improving the quality of patient care and the personal safety of clinicians everywhere.