US-based ArborMetrix announced that the University of North Carolina’s (UNC) urology department has deployed its cloud-based RegistryMetrix analytics platform.

The UNC affiliates currently involved in the partnership include three urology centers in Chapel Hill and one each in Hillsborough and Burlington, North Carolina.

According to the company, RegistryMetrix helps healthcare providers to utilise evidence-based medicine and clinical experiences to improve physician learning, the quality of care and patient outcomes.

UNC urologic oncology director and urology professor Matthew Nielsen said: "ArborMetrix’s pioneering work with the Michigan Urological Surgery Improvement Collaborative (MUSIC) CQI offers an excellent roadmap for how clinical performance analytics improve the patient care experience and outcomes.

"Patients who rely on UNC’s five urology centers will benefit greatly from the outstanding clinical care that this quality partnership will help create."

The technology will be used to optimize radiographic staging for newly diagnosed prostate cancer patients and reduce prostate biopsy-related complications, as well as improve strategies for repeat biopsy.

RegistryMetrix will gather data on patient demographics, cancer severity, including pathological details from needle biopsies, as well as utilization and outcomes for radiographic staging studies, co-morbidities, and patterns of care for both local therapies.

This information will be analyzed to determine the performance of each urology practice in comparison to their peers, noted ArborMetrix.