University of Mississippi Medical Center (UMMC) has selected Skytron's Awarepoint powered real-time location solution (RTLS) to automatically track and manage over 6,000 hospital assets throughout their 756 beds and 1.9 million square foot facility. Skytron is a division of the KMW Group

UMMC said that the installation provides true hospital-wide awareness not only room-level, but also persistent accuracy across the entire hospital footprint. With easy access to the RTLS system via a desktop icon, all authorized employees can easily locate needed equipment as well as the nearest available equipment in real time situations.

David Mehney, president and CEO of Skytron, said: “We’re pleased to be a part of the UMMC RTLS asset management solution. Skytron Asset Manager, powered by Awarepoint, will help improve workflows while delivering cost saving and equipment utilization benefits, positively impacting patient care and operational efficiency.”

Valerie Fritz, VP of marketing at Awarepoint, said: “The speed and ease of a complete and reliable installation were important also to UMMC. The even larger benefits of RTLS enterprise-wide awareness will continue long afterwards, including the continuous support of our client success team and ongoing account management support to assure it, enhancing both clinical and financial outcomes well into the future.”

Ed Smith, executive director of supply chain management at UMMC, said: “Optimizing the utilization of infusion pumps and other mobile assets such as telemetry, wheelchairs and other mobile assets were critical goals for the UMMC healthcare system. RTLS asset tracking and management provides us a better way to deliver care, locate our assets and use them more efficiently.”