Ultrasonix Medical Corporation (Ultrasonix Medical), a developer of diagnostic ultrasound imaging systems announced its plan for continued growth in 2009. In 2009, the company plans to add additional US- based direct sales representatives throughout 2009 to further improve direct distribution of the SonixTOUCH EMed and SonixTOUCH Anesthesia. Ultrasonix will also expand its network of distribution partners throughout North America, in particular for the private market segment.

Those activities will be managed by John Nichols who has recently joined the company as Channel Sales Manager, North America. John was previously managing distribution in the electronics industry and brings great experience in the distribution business.

For the fiscal year ended December 31, 2008, Ultrasonix experienced strong growth with total platform install base passing the 3,000 mark. The successes in 2008 have positioned the company with a strong balance sheet, no debt and robust working capital to support its expansion plans for fiscal 2009.

Ultrasonix recently released SonixTOUCH, a compact, portable diagnostic ultrasound system developed around the 3rd generation OpenSONIX platform that is capable of generating premium-level image quality. This system is completely touch screen driven allowing for an easy reconfigurable user interface. The system can be configured for virtually any ultrasound application, making it the world’s first true application and user adaptable ultrasound system.

“Despite the challenging market conditions, Ultrasonix was able to turn into a profitable ultrasound imaging company and has devised a niche-market strategy approach that is in line with where the ultrasound market growth is most likely to happen. While there are challenges to overcome worldwide in 2009, I think that Ultrasonix has positioned itself very well for success” said Harvey Klein, PhD, president of Klein Biomedical Consultants, Inc.

To support further growth and continuously improve customer orientation and its distribution channels, Ultrasonix recently hired new direct representatives in Massachusetts and New York.