Samu Brasilia has installed AutoPulse units in its fleet of ambulances, one for each vehicle plus four spare training boards, in a contract valued at $500,000. The AutoPulse was granted health clearance in January 2009 and is the automatic chest compression system available for sale in Brazil, said the company.

The AutoPulse non-invasive cardiac support pump is an automated, portable device with an easy-to-use, load-distributing LifeBand that squeezes the entire chest, improving blood flow to the heart and brain during sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

AutoPulse offers an advantage over manual CPR by moving blood more consistently than human providers. It delivers high-quality, uninterrupted chest compressions to maintain myocardial and cerebral perfusion. Additionally, it offers the benefit of freeing up rescuers to focus on other life-saving interventions.

Rodrigo Caselli, manager of Samu, said: “The AutoPulse, besides promoting effective compressions, is a solution for one of the biggest challenges of conventional cardiopulmonary resuscitation, the inability to transport a patient while performing manual chest compressions.

“With this device we are able to perform both actions simultaneously, ensuring a faster response time for the application of treatment without compromising the effectiveness of compressions.”

Jonathan Rennert, president of Zoll, said: “Use of the AutoPulse continues to expand internationally. We’re seeing more and more EMS services and hospitals realize the important value that delivering high-quality, mechanical CPR can have on patient care and rescuer safety.”