ulrich medical USA has launched the uCentum comprehensive posterior system in the US for open and minimally invasive spinal fusion applications.


uCentum is intended to provide immobilization and stabilization of spinal segments as an adjunct to fusion of the thoracic, lumbar and sacral spine (T1-S2).

With its low profile tulip-head, and top loading, cannulated, fenestrated and optimized (cortical to cancellous) thread design, the uCentum pedicle screw addresses the increased purchase requirements of poor bone quality.

uCentum has prefixation screw technology (dual locking) and includes straight or curved titanium rods.

Prefixation screw technology adapts the screw head from a polyaxial to a monoaxial design, while still allowing the rod to translate in order to offer true parallel compression or distraction of the vertebrae during spinal surgeries.

In order to match diverse patient anatomies for use during primary or complex revision surgeries, the screws are available in a variety of lengths and sizes ranging from 4.5-10.0mm.

ulrich medical USA claims that the new device offers surgeons a 2-in-1 instrumentation set, which encompasses both open and minimally invasive approach instruments and implants that allow surgeons to move between minimally invasive and open procedures while utilizing one surgical set.

ulrich medical managing partner Christoph Ulrich said that the uCentum product embodies design inputs from premier spine surgeons from across the globe and years of research and development work, and the company is confident that it represents the cutting-edge in technological advancements in rod-screw implants.

"This product was named uCentum in honor of our company’s 100 year anniversary and we believe it encompasses the best of our collaborative product design process and German-engineered technologies," Ulrich added.

There are many features which differentiate this pedicle screw system from our competition and we believe that US spine surgeons will highly value this robust and comprehensive implant system for their patients."

Image: ulrich medical launches uCentum comprehensive posterior system in US. Photo: Courtesy of PRNewswire/ulrich medical USA, Inc.