Germany-based medical technology company ulrich medical has launched flamenco Universal Spinal Fixation system, designed for use in complex spine and degenerative fusion applications, in the US.

Featuring 5.5mm rod and tulip head design, the system provides various polyaxial screws, monoaxial screws, extended tab/reduction screws, rods, hooks, crosslinks and rod-to-rod connector options to address the majority of surgical implant needs during posterior, spinal fusion surgeries.

ulrich medical senior marketing manager Tom Carter said, "This product provides simple, straight-forward instrumentation and maximized tray layout, which helps decrease critical operating room time for the patient and surgical team."

In addition, the system enhances decompression and stabilization of the thoracic and lumbosacral spine when used for fusion surgeries.

ulrich medical sales and marketing vice president Erika Laskey said with the launch of lamenco system, the company has expanded its position in expandable corpectomy cage technologies.

"It offers surgeons German-engineered supplemental fixation solutions for use with our five expandable vertebral body replacement (VBR) product lines for complex trauma and tumor applications," Laskey added.