UK-based GB Innomech has developed a new fully automated test system, in a bid to help medical device manufacturer Owen Mumford to carry out effective batch testing as a final verification of quality for one of its auto-injector products.


The firm has incorporated all five tests into one easy-to-use system with a total cycle time of less than one minute and it requires only one operator, avoiding the need for any manual handling of auto-injectors between different tests.

Owen Mumford test methods and validation manager Steve Miles said: "Innomech has designed a highly effective piece of automation to help Owen Mumford further improve test efficiency and process consistency, as well as enabling us to scale up production to meet growing demand for this particular drug delivery device.

"The Innomech system has also been designed to increase operator health and safety by eliminating previously repetitive manual tasks and the risks in handling fired pens."

The operator commences the test cycle by inserting a complete auto-injector pre-loaded with its cartridge of active drug into the Innomech machine.

The system now measures the forces needed to remove the auto-injector’s safety cap and to fire the trigger, the dose time, volume of dose delivered and the distance the needle protrudes from the body of the device.

According to the firm, the cycle completes with the fired device being automatically ejected from the machine into a sharps bin to protect the operator from the risk of any accidental scratches or puncture wounds.

Innomech is involved in automating complex and labour-intensive manufacturing processes to maximise outputs and improve product quality. It works with major international manufacturers in sectors such as pharmaceuticals and medical devices.

Owen Mumford develops medical devices for its own brand and custom device solutions for the major pharmaceutical and diagnostic companies.

Image: Autoject2 has been designed to make it easier for patients of all ages to administer syringe-based medication. Photo: courtesy of Owen Mumford.