Oximetry can continuously monitor the oxygen level of a patient’s blood and is capable of monitoring wide range of patients, even when signal interference is present.

University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics senior assistant director Amy O’Deen said: "University of Iowa Hospital and Clinics is committed to changing lives, advancing medicine, and improving access to the highest level of care for the people in our catchment area and beyond."

"Our commitment to operating state-of-the-art patient care is reflected in our choice of Nellcor pulse oximeters from Covidien."

Covidien is said to be the first company to receive FDA approval for a motion-tolerant bedside pulse oximeter.

Pulse oximeters provide early warning of dangerous respiratory complications, allowing clinicians to detect and address life-threatening events sooner.

They offer consistent performance during different challenging conditions such as patient motion, noise and low perfusion, noted UIHC.