UBIMED, a manufacturer of the Cleanoz Nasal-Aspirator Kit, has unveiled the LifeNest Sleeping System to ensure comfort and safety of infants while they rest.

The LifeNest Sleeping System, an FDA listed medical device which helps to prevent Plagiocephaly (flat head syndrome in infants), earned the PTPA Media Seal of Approval.

The LifeNest’s curved mesh hammock cradles the baby’s head, maintaining the recommended baby-on-back sleeping position while allowing unrestricted movements.

A second hammock is also built into the tight fitting mattress cover (available in a full line of fashionable colors to compliment any nursery), reinforcing strength and safety and prevents mattress cover entrapment and strangulation risks.

Additionally, the mesh hammock of the LifeNest allows liquids and mucus to pass through it, helping to prevent against smothering.

The LifeNest, intended to be used for babies from birth to 5 months of age, measures approximately 33.5"( 85 cm) long, 27.5 (70 cm) wide" and 4.7"/1.5" (12cm/4cm) high fitting securely on any standard crib.

The product also comes with a convenient travel case, as it is easily portable making it ideal for parent’s on-the-go.