Tute Genomics, the leader in clinical sequencing informatics, today announced the acquisition of key assets of Knome, a renowned human-genome interpretation company whose systems and services helped spearhead several of the greatest commercial advancements in modern human genetics.

Knome was co-founded in 2007 by renowned geneticist and Harvard professor George Church, who recognized a substantial need for genome interpretation technology as the cost of sequencing was rapidly decreasing. The company has received national recognition and become a vanguard in fields such as personal genomics and genome research services.

In addition to providing genome sequencing and interpretation to individuals such as Ozzy Osbourne and other high profile early adopters, Knome’s most valuable technology is knoSYS, a best-in-class genome interpretation software platform.

Now in its third generation of development, what began as genome analysis software for single human genomes nearly a decade ago, knoSYS has transformed into the most sophisticated genome interpretation and clinical decision support system available.

Tute Genomics is integrating Knome’s knoSYS technology with Tute’s cloud-based genome informatics and clinical reporting platform, further bolstering the company’s ability to deliver the most comprehensive, flexible, scalable, and secure informatics solution for genome-guided medicine.

"Knome’s software is a testament to the extraordinary foresight and ingenuity of its scientists and engineers, as well as the remarkable amount of financial support the company has achieved over the years," stated Reid Robison, MD, MBA, the CEO of Tute Genomics.

"The result is a wealth of technology assets that are well-poised to tackle the bioinformatics challenges faced by healthcare, such as rapidly processing raw genome sequencing data, performing clinical interpretation of the data and generating actionable clinical reports. We are tremendously excited and honored to be in a position to offer clinical labs and health systems this pioneering technology integrated within Tute’s cloud-based genome informatics solution."

Knome’s knoSYS technology brings maximum value to the already robust genome informatics offerings at Tute, used by many of the top laboratories, hospitals, and genomics facilities across the world.

The company employs sample-in, report-out technology to enable users to process raw sequencing data, perform rigorous quality control measures, annotate genetic variants with over 200 of the most relevant genetic knowledge sources, and seamlessly create clinical reports. Tute has also been integrated with third party tools such as LIMS for scalable sample information management, and EHR systems to bring genetic insights to point-of-care and help guide every medical decisions throughout a patient’s life.

This groundbreaking transaction furthers Tute’s position as the leader in clinical genome informatics, allowing more health systems and clinical laboratories worldwide access to information that will make prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease more accessible than ever.