Trovagene has adopted RainDance's RainDrop Digital PCR System for research and development, and for use in the Trovagene CLIA laboratory. In addition, Trovagene has successfully developed a cell-free DNA mutation assay leveraging the RainDrop platform.

RainDance CEO and president Roopom Banerjee said Trovagene’s DNA isolation and assay development is at the forefront of non-invasive, cell-free cancer mutation detection and monitoring.

"Utilizing our RainDrop Digital PCR System, they have addressed a critical need by enabling the use of a non-invasive, systemic specimen. This technology platform allows better assessment of tumor dynamics within an individual sample," Banerjee added.

Enabling a hundred-fold increase in the amount of DNA that can be analyzed for cancer mutation detection, the automated RainDrop System has increased sensitivity and the ability to find rare mutations.

It can analyze up to 10 million pico-liter sized droplets in a single assay, significantly boosting the chances of detection of low-level mutations.

Moreover, RainDance’s digital PCR approach also allows quantification of the relative amounts of mutated DNA in a sample.

Understanding the genomic changes of tumor can help in gaining clinically actionable information before, during and after therapy.

Further, the ability to non-invasively detect and monitor oncogenic mutations and genomic variations and markers for resistance, could lead to improvement in management of cancer and better outcomes.

Before purchasing RainDance’s RainDrop Digital PCR System, Trovagene evaluated several platforms. After considering the high level of sensitivity and workflow improvements, RainDrop Digital PCR System was considered as cost-effective choice for detecting and quantifying singular oncogene mutations from cell-free DNA.

Based in California, Trovagene develops patented technology for the detection of cell-free DNA and RNA, short nucleic acid fragments, originating from normal and diseased cell death that can be isolated and detected from urine.

RainDance Technologies is a life sciences firm developing products that allow early detection of disease and predisposition risk.