The test quantitatively detects KRAS mutations in transrenal DNA, which may be originated from both normal and diseased cells.

Trovagene chief technology officer Charlie Rodi said, "This represents a breakthrough in cancer monitoring, and will provide oncologists and surgeons with the ability to frequently check mutation status before, during, and after therapy."

In addition to transrenal KRAS test, the company’s oncogene mutation assays will include BRAF and PIK3CA.

Trovagene chief executive officer Antonius Schuh said over the next six months, the company is planning to introduce various assays that may offer significant clinical benefits for physicians and patients, as well as potential savings for the healthcare system.

"The ability to test, detect and confirm cancer mutation status non-invasively represents an enabling technology that can be used across a variety of clinical applications," Schuh added.

The transrenal KRAS test, which will be transferred to the company’s CLIA lab in December 2012, is expected to be commercial available in January 2013.