For use in nucleic acid purification

TriCore has evaluated Roche´s new Magna Pure 96 System for use in nucleic acid purification. The evaluation focused on the Roche system’s ability to process specimens for pathogen testing.

The fully automated Magna Pure 96 System purifies genomic DNA, viral DNA and RNA, or cellular RNA from a broad range of specimen types, processing 96 standard-volume specimens in less than 1 hour. It has been launched worldwide recently.

Steve Young, scientific director for Infectious Disease at TriCore, said: “Sensitivity and specificity are mandatory for virology and bacteriology studies. Furthermore, we need the high capacity and processing speed this instrument offers to provide rapid responses during peak seasonal testing periods.”

The company said that the Magna Pure 96’s high processing capacity is crucial for influenza research and for the detection of seasonal Influenza A and B in respiratory specimens. TriCore´s current research studies target human cases of pandemic H1N1 2009, which is continuing to increase substantially worldwide.