T-Ray Science has filed a non provisional patent with the US Patent and Trade Mark Office (USPTO) on a Unified Sensing Matrix for a Single Pixel Detector based on Compressive Sensing (Serial No 61/243,559).

T-Ray said that its patent covers a particular process of acquiring a 2D image that allows for higher quality and faster scanning from a Terahertz beam and the company is anticipating to use the patented process in the development of its portable Skin Cancer Imager.

The diagnostic device delivers significant clinical impact by streamlining and optimising the skin cancer detection process including gastro-intestinal and cervical cancers, and will reduce healthcare costs by eliminating the need for most biopsies.

T-Ray president and CEO Thomas Braun said that the firm recognises the importance of strengthening their patent portfolio and the signal process covered by this patent complements their existing intellectual property recently licensed from the BC Cancer Agency.