TransEnterix has unveiled SPIDER MicroLap instruments, a new set of minimally invasive instruments for surgeons.

The SPIDER MicroLap instruments, each instrument 2.7 millimeters or less in diameter, are crafted from a proprietary ceramic-titanium alloy that ensures strength despite their small diameter.

They can be used independently or in conjunction with TransEnterix’s SPIDER Surgical System, a single-incision and multi-port surgical system that delivers intra-abdominal triangulation, 360-degree flexible instrumentation and a stable operative platform.

TransEnterix said, because their use requires no open incision, the SPIDER MicroLap instruments advance the field of laparoscopic surgery into an entirely new category – micro-laparoscopic surgery.

President and CEO Todd Pope said the new SPIDER MicroLap instrument line gives surgeons highly functional tools so they can perform advanced yet minimally invasive procedures like gastric band and gastric sleeve.

"As part of our focus in bariatric surgery, we anticipate that surgeons and patients will quickly embrace these smaller and less invasive tools," Pope said.

"By improving cosmetic results, SPIDER MicroLap tools also promote patient privacy, because no one – even surgeons – can tell just by looking at someone whether he or she has undergone a surgical procedure."