Townsend is a subsidiary of the Thuasne Group, a French company that designs, manufactures and distributes wearable medical devices. Townsend is initially introducing 45 Thuasne soft bracing products to the US market, including textile-type supports for the foot, ankle, knee, hand, wrist, shoulder and back.

Townsend and its national sales force are now actively promoting Thuasne’s innovative bracing solutions to physicians, therapists, orthotists and other healthcare professionals.

Founded in 1847, the Thuasne Group owns over a dozen manufacturing and distribution companies in Europe. The company has developed specialized techniques for weaving, knitting, coating, and silicone.

Proprietary designs and unique fabrication processes allow the products to achieve optimal comfort for the patient, while providing beneficial support, compression, and stabilization.

"Thuasne’s premium medical textiles compliment the high quality rigid bracing technology we manufacturer at Townsend," says Rick Riley, the company’s CEO. "Our rigid braces are being introduced to the European market through Thuasne’s distribution network, and our sales force is introducing medical professionals in the USA to Thuasne’s beautifully knitted products."

According to Riley, Thuasne and Townsend are committed to elevating each person’s active involvement in their own well-being and medical care by providing customized health solutions adapted to contemporary lifestyles. Thuasne’s expertise is knitted supports, while Townsend specializes in carbon graphite and aircraft aluminum external bracing devices.

Townsend Design is an industry leader in manufacturing and distributing high-quality, technically-superior orthopedic products routinely prescribed for orthopedic injuries or post-surgical treatment.