"We want to make high performance braces that certified orthotists and fab techs can’t routinely fabricate in their own shop," said Townsend CEO Rick Riley.

"Becker’s world class components, combined with Townsend’s fabrication expertise and exclusive solid core carbon graphite brace designs, will elevate the standard of care for patients who have significant mobility challenges."

Townsend has manufactured custom KAFO (knee ankle foot orthosis) and custom locking knee braces since 2001. While Townsend has its own specialized knee and ankle joints, many practitioners have purchased Becker components to make braces in their own shop, and value the quality and function of Becker’s joints.

Townsend will stock Becker’s most popular components, including three different stance control systems for KAFOs. Becker’s stance control technology supports more normalized gait with less energy consumption.

"Making complex stance control KAFOs and locking knee braces isn’t easy for a practitioner who may only see this type of patient a few times a year," added Riley. "Townsend fabricates more specialty braces in a week than many facilities will have the opportunity to make in a year. So we have the volume and expertise to be a cost efficient central fabrication resource."

Founded in 1984, Townsend Design is recognized as a leading innovator and fabricator of technically-superior orthopedic products prescribed for injuries, post-surgical treatment and mobility limiters.

Townsend’s ligament, OA and specialty bracing solutions are made in the USA. In 2011, Townsend increased its world-wide distribution by becoming a wholly-owned subsidiary of Thuasne (pronounced Two Ann), a family owned medical textile company. Established in 1847, Thuasne owns manufacturing and distribution entities throughout Europe.