According to Dr. Paul A. Markham, President, "This North American launch of Hypo-tec brings forth a patented, revolutionary, timely, clinician-centered approach to sharps needlestick safety. Hypo-tec enters the North American market following wide scale acceptance in the United Kingdom. With a deep heritage in providing solutions for Mad Cow disease in the UK, Hypo-tec designers constantly deliver unique solutions to improve safety, clinician productivity in lockstep with current Care Coordination Requirements. All V3 products such as Hypo-tec, reinforce a sincere commitment to improving safety and patient outcomes, while avoiding unnecessary costs, in conjunction with the Accountable Care Act (PPACA)."

Hypo-tec provides a simple, cost-effective solution to an everyday problem using a shielded needle to allow safe access through the rubber bung.

It prevents risk of needlestick injury, spillage, contamination and avoids accidental puncture of the bag tail which can occur using an exposed hypodermic needle.