The live cases will be performed by physicians at Miami Children’s Hospital and Memorial Hermann Heart and Vascular Institute – Texas Medical Center.

Dr Richard Smalling, an interventional cardiologist at the institute and professor in the division of cardiology at The University of Texas Medical School at Houston, will lead two endovascular cases performed simultaneously, both AAA stents from a peripheral access. Toshiba’s Infinix VF-i/BP and Infinix VF-i/SP will be utilised during the procedures.

Dr Evan Zahn, chief of cardiology at Miami Children’s Hospital, will conduct two live cases with Toshiba’s Infinix CF-i/BP and new CAT-880B hybrid catherization table. The cases, entitled Congenital Cardiology Solutions Spotlight, Live Cases I and II, will showcase the system’s ability to meet the needs of physicians during hybrid intervention. Combining the new table, which offers head-to-toe tilting and side-to-side cradling, with the unparalleled patient access and coverage achieved by Toshiba’s Infinix-i five-axis X-ray systems creates an hybrid lab unmatched in the industry.

Robert Micer, director of X-ray vascular business unit at Toshiba, said: “These live cases at ACC and the i2 Summit with the industry’s leading physicians demonstrate the exceptional collaborative environment created by the Infinix-i C-arm positioning. The features of the systems allow a team of physicians and staff to gain unparalleled access to the patient and facilitate the use of multiple ancillary devices. The unique Infinix-i attributes enable more complex procedures, like these hybrid cardiac therapies being demonstrated.”