Illumina has introduced the new sequencing system, Genome AnalyzerIIe, designed to provide a lower-priced entry point into sequencing. The new system generates approximately 200 million paired-end reads and 20 gigabases (Gb) of data per run at launch.

The company claims that the Genome AnalyzerIIe is expected to begin shipping in Q1, 2010.

As the company introduces advances to increase the output of the Genome AnalyzerIIx to 95 Gb, its output is expected to reach 40 Gb and 300 million paired-end reads per run. The system’s compelling price point coupled with its ease of use and proven sequencing technology ideally positions it for smaller laboratories interested in sequencing.

The company said that Genome AnalyzerIIe provides an affordable entry point into next-generation sequencing. At launch, it provides 20 Gb of output and 200 million paired-end reads along with the industry’s simplest workflow and system operation.

Jay Flatley, president and CEO of Illumina, said: “With the addition of the Genome AnalyzerIIe, Illumina offers the broadest range of sequencing instruments in the industry. The Genome AnalyzerIIe is a particularly important addition to our portfolio as it will allow a wide range of labs and institutions with limited capital budgets to affordably add next-generation sequencing capabilities.”