Toshiba America Medical Systems has introduced Volume Navigation 3D roadmapping for the Infinix-i vascular X-ray product line, providing greater confidence during difficult interventional procedures.

Toshiba‘s real-time Volume Navigation 3D roadmap displays the deployment of coils during intervention on a cerebral aneurysm with clarity and precision.

Volume Navigation links the movements of the system components with the fusion 3D and fluoroscopic display, so despite changes in even table and C-arm position, the 3D overlay is automatically aligned with the fluoroscopic image with high accuracy.

In addition, Volume Navigation provides 2D and 3D roadmap display modes and allows physicians to fine-tune images with manual controls for device enhancement, further assisting physicians when making difficult decisions during advanced procedures.

Volume Navigation is particularly helpful for procedures on intricate vascular regions, such as the brain, uterus and abdominals.

Toshiba Marketing and Strategic Development vice president Doug Ryan said that Volume Navigation provides physicians greater confidence when deciphering and navigating complex vascular structures, enabling them to perform complicated interventions more quickly and accurately.

"Volume Navigation is another example of Toshiba’s commitment to developing technology that improves diagnostic confidence, workflow and patient outcomes," Ryan said.