The Infinix-i Sky + ceiling mounted system has a 12” x 16” flat panel, which offers clinicians options to increase coverage, spread and patient access.

Toshiba says that the C-arm design offers several clinical benefits for interventional radiologists and vascular surgeons.

The new system offers options to take 3D imaging with 210 degrees of anatomical coverage on both right and left sides of the patient.

It also provides high speed 3D rotation of 80 degrees per second.

The C-arm of the Infinix-i Sky + can be positioned laterally, over or under the table and enables, clinicians to prioritise versatility and safety, particularly in a sterile OR environment.

The flat panel detector can be positioned above or below the patient and the system is flexible enough for procedures requiring additional space such as long needle biopsies, aspirations and vertebroplasty.

The double sliding C-arm system mechanics also support low contrast imaging from head-end or either side of the patient.

Clinicians can now be certain about the position of the imaging system, thanks to the Access Halo that offers a 270-degree C-arm rotation for easy head-end access.

Apart from its features, the Infinix-i Sky + has an extensive set of automated and user-selectable dose management tools, which are designed to help clinicians in reducing X-ray exposure. It also has technology like Dose Tracking System which estimates peak skin dose exposure in real time.

Toshiba X-ray Vascular Business Unit director Bill Newsom said: “The truth is, Toshiba has always provided customers with a great angiography system, but this new double sliding C-arm offers premium flexibility to support clinicians in performing a wide range of procedures.

“The Infinix-i Sky + allows clinicians to move the C-arm around the patient, rather than the other way around, and the development of 3D imaging anywhere demonstrates Toshiba’s understanding of our customers’ clinical needs for high quality imaging that doesn’t sacrifice efficiency or safety.”

Image: Toshiba’s new Infinix-i Sky + system. Photo: Courtesy of Toshiba America Medical Systems.