The new OmniPod insulin delivery system is being developed to specifically deliver Lilly’s Humalog 200 units/mL insulin.

Developed for higher insulin-requiring diabetes patients, Humalog U200 is a concentrated form of insulin that offers the same dose of insulin in half the volume of Lilly’s Humalog U100 insulin.

The firms are also collaborating on a clinical development program to assess the use of Humalog U200 insulin formulation in Insulet’s OmniPod tubeless insulin delivery system.

Insulet CEO Patrick Sullivan said: "This partnership allows Insulet to deliver the advantages of our OmniPod System to individuals worldwide with higher insulin requirements so they can better control their diabetes.

"Using Humalog U200 in OmniPod’s tubeless design effectively doubles the number of insulin units available to users in a single pod."

OmniPod insulin management system is comprised of two components, including the pod and personal diabetes manager (PDM).

The pod stores and delivers insulin, while PDM wirelessly programs the user’s personalized insulin delivery and calculates suggested doses and insulin on board.

According to the firm, the light-weight pod can be worn in various locations, including the abdomen, hip, back of upper arm, upper thigh or lower back.

The pod and PDM communicate wirelessly to provide precise, personalized and continuous insulin delivery with customizable basal and bolus delivery options, as well as crucial safety checks.