Lowering CT dose and improving workflow are not choices that clinicians should have to make, so Toshiba CT is putting customers first by providing the industry’s best solutions to solve these challenges.

To make complex exams easier, lower dose and improve diagnostic accuracy and reproducibility, Toshiba is introducing its Adaptive Diagnostics CT technology.

Available on the Aquilion ONE, Aquilion ONE ViSION Edition and Aquilion PRIME, Toshiba’s Adaptive Diagnostics includes:

• SURESubtraction has the ability to remove bone and calcium from data sets while allowing clinicians to view tumors or arteries at risk. Currently available for brain, bone, carotid and coronary artery (pending FDA clearance) exams.

• Metal Artifact Reduction (MAR) (pending FDA clearance) removes streak artifacts in images due to metallic implants in the body.

• SURECardio Prospective with arrhythmia detection is a unique application that dramatically lowers patient dose during coronary CTA exams using a helical acquisition technique to provide one continuous image instead of multiple images. It automatically detects and adjusts to patients with irregular heartbeats, providing quicker, more conclusive exam results.

• Variable Helical Pitch (vHP) has the ability to automatically change an ECG-gated to a non-ECG-gated acquisition, reducing IV contrast and radiation dose. vHP can significantly reduce radiation dose over the use of a single-gated pitch setting.
Dual Energy (pending FDA clearance) uses two energies during one CT scan, providing clinicians with more data to help quantify and characterize anatomy and lesions. As a result, exam times and radiation dose are both reduced.

"Today’s healthcare environment is changing and there are new clinical challenges that our customers are facing," says Satrajit Misra, senior director, CT Business Unit, Toshiba. "Adaptive Diagnostics is an example of how Toshiba develops technologies that meet the needs of providers today and in the future, giving them the tools to improve quality of care while reducing costs."

Toshiba is showcasing its Aquilion product line and Adaptive Diagnostics technology at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) annual meeting in Chicago, Dec. 1-6, 2013 (Booth #7330, North Hall).