Germany-based TomTec Imaging Systems is set to introduce its new 4D RV-Function software for right ventricular function analysis, at the EuroEcho Imaging 2014 that will be held from 3 to 6 December in Vienna, Austria.


The new software offers a comprehensive evaluation of the right ventricle including volumes and strain analysis. It provides EDV, ESV, RVEF, SV, RVLS, TAPSE and FAC, as well as distance measurements can also be analyzed.

TomTec Imaging Systems chief marketing officer Gregor Malischnig said: "With our innovative 4D RV-Function software you can visualize the true RV geometry! Our 4D RV-Function will save you time and money by combining our long-lasting experience with the right ventricle 3D model and an easy, user-friendly 4 step workflow."

The software can be used in the applications of adult and paediatric cardiology, including pulmonary hypertension, congestive heart failure, congenital heart disease and hypoplastic right heart, as a major determinant of clinical outcome.

The clinical benefits of the new software include automatic contour proposal and right ventricle longitudinal strain for septum and free wall, as well as store own acquisition windows to save navigation time and helps in saving bookmarks for clinical follow-ups.

TomTec said that the software delivers a quick and reproducible analysis of the right ventricle, increasing the diagnostic confidence by visualizing the complexity of the RV shape in 3D.

4D RV-Function is a module of TomTec-Arena, and will be available for sale in Europe in January 2015.

Image: 4D RV-Function right ventricular analysis. Photo: courtesy of Business Wire.