Titan Spine, a medical device surface technology company, has reached a milestone of 18,000 implanted Endoskeleton interbody fusion devices since its inception.

Titan Spine has announced that the annualized sales revenue run-rate for the product is nearing $20m.

The company has also announced that currently more than 5,300 devices have been implanted every year.

Titan Spine’s full line of Endoskeleton devices incorporates the company’s proprietary implant surface technology, consisting of a combination of roughened topographies at the macro, micro, and cellular levels.

The combination of macro, micro, and cellular levels is designed to create an optimal host-bone response and actively participate in the fusion process by promoting new bone growth, encouraging natural production of bone morphogenetic proteins and creating the potential for a faster and more robust fusion.

Titan Spine president Kevin Gemas noted the company is encouraged to see several other companies that are adopting the Titan Spine approach by launching interbody devices with roughened surfaces and beginning to acknowledge shortcomings with their standard PEEK and smooth titanium offerings.

"We have been optimizing our surface technology and its bone formation effects for the past six years through collaboration with thought leaders in materials science and biomedical engineering and feel that our commitment to be the leaders in surface technology is the reason we are starting to see rapid acceleration in our sales growth," Gemas added.

Titan Spine has recently signed a distribution agreement with Biomet Spine in Germany.