The US Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) has granted a patent No. 8,332,072 to Titan Medical for the development of surgeon console that incorporates force feedback.

The Amadeus surgical system is designed to deliver multiple benefits to surgeons, including higher dexterity instruments, real-time motion scaling and force feedback for detection of tissue level forces, according to the company.

The surgical system, which includes a single-site platform and a multi-port platform, is embedded with a surgeon-controlled robotic platform that includes a 3D vision system and interactive instruments for performing MIS procedures.

Amadeus also features a surgeon workstation to provide surgeon with an interface to the robotic platform and also a 3D endoscopic view of inside a patient’s body.

Titan Medical president Reiza Rayman said the company is pleased to further strengthen its intellectual property in all aspects surrounding the Amadeus surgical system.

"This patent is a great addition to our patents already granted and we look forward to expanding our patent portfolio as development progresses," Rayman added.